Gain time with Simon, your new Personal Assistant

We realized that finding Talents became a substantial part of our time. With an increase in turnover and a hot job market, Simon is the assistant we need to focus on our jobs.


Who is Simon?

Simon’s purpose is to provide the most simple, efficient and transparent service in the Talent Sourcing industry.


What if Simon was running the interviews for you, asking the right questions, and sending you the qualified profile along with all the grading and interview materials?


The rate card is pre-set, so you know what you are paying for. Simon’s 20% fee is included in the rate card.


With a strong and established network, Simon will find 2 qualified profiles in the next 3 days.

Simon sourcing

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Simon sourcing

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Simon sourcing


Analytics Consultants

Simon sourcing

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Simon sourcing


Happy Customers

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Quality service

Why choose Simon?

Simon is a Sister company of Bilink Solutions. We are expert at delivering transformation projects for our clients, on Data and Analytics technologies.

Bilink has years of experience sourcing its teams and spending hours interviewing consultants. We know what traits make a good consultant and we can ask the right questions. Trust us with your sourcing request, we will deliver quality for you and make adjustments if they are needed, at no cost.


Client Feedback


I needed a C++ consutlant ASAP for a client and Simon secured the perfect Talent in 2 days. Thank you Simon!


I was looking for a Supply Chain position in Chicago just after moving and Simon helped me. I got a job in less than 2 weeks.


Simon take care of his talents


Talents are looking for mission before looking for a company. They can change from client to client in no time in the hunt for the best technological challenges. Simon helps securing the Talent for the client.

Visa situation

Most of our Talents have to deal with Visa challenges, not only will Simon help them getting in touch with best in class Immigration lawyers but Simon also secure its clients by reassuring all paperwork is valide.


Freelancing, the Gig economy, those are trends providing Freedom to its workers. They also favor market efficiency and insure both Talents are free and Clients get the best value for their bucks.

High flexibility

The labor market is hot, it is hard to find new Talents and often not easy to adjust based on fast evolving technologies. Simon helps in navigating the Talent pool making sure everyone is working at the right position.