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What to expect from Simon:

  • 0 interview process: Simon does it for you
  • 1 single account manager
  • 2 talented professionals
  • An answer in 3 days
  • Clear rate card and transparent costs

Database Architect Skills:

  • Knowledge of database systems: SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL, SAP, Snowflake
  • Database skills: Cardinality, Normalization, Indexing, Optimization
  • Analytical skills: Understanding data model, Data Patterns.
  • Optimizing the performance: Monitoring Queries, Indexes, long runing SQLs, Memrory Usage
  • Maintaining documentation: Defining Patterns, Data dictionaries, system architecture diagrams.





Why choose Simon?

We have over 11 years of experience delivering data and analytics transformation projects and sourcing our teams with delivery accountability. We are recognized for finding the right Talents, so why not doing it for you ?

1 – Understanding

You answer an Online questionnaire focused on Data and Analytics Skills.

If needed, you schedule a meeting with your Account Manager via the platform.


2 – Prospecting

We check our internal Database using your criteria.

We post your job requirements on LinkedIn, Dice and our platform.


3 – Interviews

We perform the Interviews for you.

Simon covers all questions : Legal, Motivation, Technical Skills, Autonomy.

The video and the evaluation are made available to you.


4 – Short-list

We select 2 candidates and prepare a package for you.

We secure the candidates before proposing them to you.

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