Interview Process



Interview process often follow the same process, also it can change depending on the Clients.


Example of Interview Process


  • Application: You will typically need to submit an application, either online or in person, which includes your resume and sometimes a cover letter.
  • Screening: The company may conduct a screening process, which could include a phone screen or a video interview, to determine if you are a good fit for the role and the company.
  • First interview: If you pass the screening, you will likely be invited to a first in-person or video interview, which could be conducted by a recruiter or a hiring manager.
  • Assessment: Depending on the role, you may be asked to complete an assessment or test to evaluate your skills and abilities.
  • Second interview: If you pass the first interview and assessment, you may be invited to a second interview, which could involve meeting with additional members of the team or leadership.
  • Reference check: The company may ask for your permission to conduct a reference check with your former employers or colleagues.
  • Offer: If the company decides to move forward with your candidacy, they will typically extend an offer which includes the compensation and benefits package.





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