Our Staffing Process

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Regardless of the method used to obtain the leads, Adwords, Mailing, Network, Existing clients, Simon Staffing Recruiters always follow the below process.


Capturing the Job Description


  • The detailed requirement Job Spec need to be filled in: link
  • If the client does not have the time, he can setup a meeting here and do it with an Account Manager: link
  • DocuSign a contract with the client: link


Posting the Job


  • Create the Company ID in Simon Sourcing Backoffice : Salesforce and WordPress
  • Post the job requirement on the Simon Job-Board: link
  • Share the Simon Sourcing Job on the Linked-in Simon’s page: link 
  • And on the Linked-in Bilink Page: link
  • Additionally, post the Job with limited details on Turnover-It: link


Contacting Candidates


  • Contact relevant Salesforce Freelances: link
  • Contact Linkedin Resource Directly: link
  • Check within the Bilink Network
  • Ask the Candidates to Register: link 
  • Ask the Candidates to Apply: link


Interviewing Candidates


  • Candidates need to sign an NDA with DocuSign before the interview: link
  • Prepare the interview with targeted interview process: link
  • Prepare technical questions and initialize rating sheet
  • Perform a recorded interviews (after checking that the candidates are ok)
  • Fill-in the evaluation forms
  • Update Salesforce records
  • Select the 2 best candidates


Candidate Readiness Check


  • Ask candidate to pay a refundable guarentee to secure the Client proposal
  • Proof of identity: This could be a copy of their driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID.
  • Proof of address: This could be a copy of their utility bill, bank statement, or other document that shows their current address.
  • Proof of insurance: This could be a copy of their liability insurance policy.
  • W-9 form: This is a form that the contractor will need to fill out to provide you with their tax information.
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA): This is a document that the contractor will need to sign to agree to keep confidential any information that you share with them.
  • Independent contractor agreement (ICA): This is a document that outlines the terms of your relationship with the contractor, such as payment terms, scope of work, and termination rights.

=> Update all information in Salesforce


Client Proposal


Once all the documentations was collected, you can present the Video and the evaluation sheet to the client.